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Why Weber


Why Weber?

We didn't set out to make the world fall in love with us.
Like you, we love to grill. We live it and breath it, and, of course, eat it.

We know what grillers need. Because we are grillers.


Weber® is not just about barbecuing… We believe in cooking amazing food outdoors and having fun. We aim to bring out an array of delicious flavours, provide the best quality barbecue and help you and your family create happy memories for years to come. You deserve the best and this is exactly what you get with Weber®: the highest quality parts and components so your grilling game is always top notch.


When you put a Weber® in your backyard, you know that it will be there for a long time. All our products are built to the highest specifications using premium grade materials and components and every product goes through rigorous testing to ensure quality and durability.


Whether it's our charcoal or gas barbecues, the legendary flavour achieved by cooking on a Weber® BBQ is at the heart and soul of everything we do. They are engineered for even cooking and consistently superior results that give you ultimate control of your grilling experience.


Timeless curves and iconic lines, the Weber® barbecue has become a staple in the grilling world. Weber® loves to marry style and performance. The Weber® touch? A stylish lid that closes with grace on every one of your masterpieces!


With Weber®, anything is possible! Everything you can prepare in your kitchen can be prepared on your backyard grill! Take your grill skills to the next level with our online library of 300+ recipes, how-to videos, blogs and the Weber® Grill Academy in Vaughan, Ontario.

Weber Grills

Weber Grills & Accessories

Whether you’re a master of the grill or a self­-proclaimed amateur, we have what you need.

Our Gas Grills

Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen for hours? Step outside and enjoy the fresh air while cooking a delicious meal on a Weber® gas grill. With a push of a button your grill is lit and a delectable meal is soon to be devoured.



Weber Briquettes are made of 100% all natural hardwood with no added chemicals. Burns long with consistent heat, making them perfect for all types of grilling applications. Immerse yourself in the sound of crackling briquettes and smell of rich smoke.


Our Portable Grills

Our portable grills are available in both gas or charcoal compact series. These ever so popular grills range in size to make portability possible for just about anyone, and are always great for grilling out on the patio too.


Our charcoal grills and smokers

It’s the weekend, your visitors are due to arrive soon, and the menu has been planned. Light the charcoal with a Rapidfire® Chimney Starter, watch as the coals transform into a glowing heat source and immerse yourself in the grilling ambiance. This is the essence of the charcoal grill.


Our Electric Grills

The QTM Electric Grill series was designed with the urban griller in mind. No backyard? We’ve got you covered with our Electric Grills, ideal for grilling on your patio or balcony in apartment buildings.


Our Accessories

One can never have too many accessories! Weber® offers a wide range of tools ­all created with functionality, versatility, and the desire to make you a true backyard hero in mind.


Grill Buying Guide

Grill Buying Guide

Your grill can make or break your next barbecue.Grills are not complex machines, but understanding the basics of grill construction can help you get the best grill for your money. We’re here to make simple work of finding the right grill with the Anatomy of a Gas Grill and our Five-Step Inspection.

Step 1: The Wiggle Test

Is it sturdy enough?

Step 2: Check Under the Hood

Let's see what's inside.

Step 3: Take Out the Grates

It's time to go grill diving.

Step 4: Take Out the Metal Bars

The burning heart of your grill.

Where To Buy

Step 1: The Wiggle Test

Grab the grill by the sides and shake it a few times. A well-built grill should feel solid and sturdy.

  • Frame Construction
  • Look for welds versus screws for added strength.
  • Heavy Metal
  • For stainless steel hoods, look for heavy-gauge stainless steel.
  • Casters and Wheels
  • Casters should be up to appliance standards. Will it move easily on your patio? Are there at least two locking casters to prevent the grill from moving?
  • Learn More

Step 2: Check Under The Hood

First, you’ll see the cooking grates. Pick them up and inspect them—quality materials will last longer.

  • Handle
  • As you lift the lid, check out the handle. Make sure it’s set well away from the hood to ensure it stays cool, and look for weather-resistant materials. The lid should feel solid. Grab the lid handle in the middle and twist the lid, does it deflect easily?
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Make sure it is made of high grade stainless steel or it could easily discolour or rust.
  • Cooking Grates
  • What are they made of? Look for porcelain-enameled cast iron or stainless steel grates made with heavy gauge wires. Both types of grates will retain heat in cool windy weather and they will make steakhouse sear marks.
  • Learn More

Step 3: Take Out The Grates

Below, you should find a system of v-shaped inverted metal bars to deflect and vapourize food drippings.

  • Inverted V-shaped Metal Bars
  • This design is the best at channeling food drippings and preventing flare-ups.
  • Catch Pan
  • Look for a pan that is more than one inch deep that can be accessed easily from the front of the grill.
  • Learn More

Step 4: Take Out The Metal bars

Look at the burner system which should consist of two or more burners running the length of the cookbox.

  • Control Knobs
  • Knobs should independently control the burner tubes. Avoid grills with only low, medium, and high settings.
  • Burners
  • They should be placed in a pattern that will create even heat across the cooking grates. High-grade stainless steel construction will resist rust and last longer.
  • Learn More

Step 5:Think About Who Made The Grill

Research the manufacturer and look into their customer service support and warranty. Become an informed shopper by visiting their website. Call their customer service line to see what type of support you’ll get after the sale.

  • Warranty
  • Read closely to understand what is and what isn’t covered. The best warranties are uncomplicated and are light on fine print.
  • Customer Service and Online Information
  • Look for a grill company with a hotline that lets you talk to a real person—not a machine. In fact, while you’re shopping, pick up the phone and call the customer service department. It’s a good test of how you’ll be treated after the sale. Check out the manufacturer’s website; it should help you become an informed shopper by guiding you to the grill that is right for you.
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Why Weber

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